Thursday, October 18, 2012

My Farewell post

This is my farewell post! I will not be posting any more images... the original reason why I made the blog was just so I could post pictures of hot guys, simple enough! But, I'm over it. I love hot guys, but not only is the blog a bit time consuming, but I just have much better things to do! Plus, I'm busier now than I was before and I think I made the blog as a release of realizing my sexuality...well I think...
It's also kind of pointless to have pictures of hot guys on your computer... XD
I MIGHT post once in a blue moon, but it will most likely be famous people.

If you miss me, you can visit me at these places below....  <- My main Tumblr blog.

My Kya Dark Lineage Blogs

I'll also still update my yaoi blog.

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